Chris Sumsky

Climate Clues

Climate Clues is educational software to teach high school students and teachers about the different research methods surrounding climate history. Funded by NASA, our research group designed and is currently developing this web-based application that will allow teachers (and eventually their students) to log in and simulate the experience of surveying, collecting, and analyzing core samples from coral in the Pacific. At the end of the experience the interactors will be able to see how the data fits into existing climate history plots and what implications this has on climate change.

Climate Clues is being developed by the ADAM Lab at Georgia Tech, headed by Brian Magerko.

Drill UI


Designer: I design mechanics and features of the interaction. I also design UI layouts and create wireframes to send off to artists. I also write much of the text and dialog for the interaction.
Videographer: I storyboarded and produced the first four tutorial videos that go into the application, including the initial welcome and overview video. I had to find a balance between teaching the real way this research actual happens, what the interactors need to know to successfully complete the interaction, and not creating a video that was too long.