Chris Sumsky

Sheep Defense

Sheep Defense is a first-person tower defense game where the player must collect sheep of different colors (red, green, and blue) during the day to earn money and place towers. When the sun goes down, the vampire sheep come out to kill you, and your towers are your only hope. Resource allocation and strategy are key to collecting the most sheep, racking up a high score, and surviving.

Sheep Defense was created for CS 4455: Game Design at Georgia Tech. The game is written in C++ using the C4 game engine. For the class we also created a board game version of Sheep Defense using a 20x20 grid and rolling dice to move your character around the map. I created this game with Ethan Edgerton.


Designer: I tweaked the conventions of this genre and decided to make it first person and add the element of light with a day/night system. At night, the only light generated is from the towers you place, leaving the rest of the map in darkness. I also worked on game balancing and UI design.
Programmer: We each worked equally on coding, and tended to do a lot of paired programming.

Artist: I modeled and textured the map.