Chris Sumsky

Mario vs. Luigi

In this battle between the Mario brothers for the love of Princess Peach, Mario and Luigi are controlled by human players with goal of traveling to the middle to pick up Princess Peach (by running into her) and then carrying her back to the appropriate starting point. Running into the other player will steal Peach, and shooting them with a fireball will send Peach back to the middle. Scoring resets the screen for a new skirmish on a new map, and five scores by a player wins the game! Space bar will reset from the win screen. This was a group project with Daniel Sabio and Sam Rickles.

Created for LCC 2700: Intro to Computational Media (taught by Ian Bogost), this project was intended to have students create a meaningful representation on the Atari platform in order to explore the constraints and affordances of early widespread gaming. We used Batari Basic to write the game.


Designer: I developed game mechanics and built levels. I also held user evaluation sessions and tweaked game design according to feedback.
I helped program much of the game. It is not easy to quantity individual roles in the coding, since we usually did group coding sessions.

Sound Designer:
I recreated the Mario theme in Batari Basic, which required coding the frequency and length of each note.