Chris Sumsky


Interfaced is a Flash game where players must use non-traditional techniques to overcome puzzles and obstacles. The player must interact directly with interface elements to complete levels, i.e. your health bar is blocking your progress, so you must take damage to drain it and lower it out of your way. We were hoping to create a unique, enjoyable experiences like these by breaking conventions and presenting new ways to think about the game world.

Interfaced was developed by a group of six students as a project for LCC 4725: Game Design as a Cultural Practice (taught by Celia Pearce). We finished an early build that was submitted to the 2010 Independent Games Festival student showcase. The final version of the game had 12 playable levels. You can view our team wiki here.

Interfaced Level 1

Featured Mechanics:
-Stamina Bar with collision. Run around to lower and bypass or use as an elevator as it regenerates.
-Inventory you can get into to go through walls and ceilings.
-Mini Map you can grab and shake, causing the world to shake and obstacles to fall or break apart
-Pause mode still allows player to move around, but freezes objects, i.e. falling spikes.


Designer: I formulated the fundamental concept for the game (orginally intended for touchscreen interfaces) and provided support designing and building levels for the game.
Programmer: I worked alongside Austin Walterman to write a basic physics and collision engine, programmed the XML interpreter for level building, and helped create the various mechanics that went into the game.