Chris Sumsky


Framerate is a story driven point-and-click adventure that pushes players to examine the game world multiple times in order to find clues, solve puzzles, and uncover different endings. The game remediates the genre by putting the player in the role of a patient who can only see the world at a few frames a second. Through the experimental equipment of a new research group, the character is able to view certain scenes of his life at higher framerates. Depending on the speed chosen by the player, different things can be seen, and the story is affected accordingly. Feel free to play the game below, just check your browser status bar to make sure the game is fully loaded. Click to skip through videos, and be sure to check your journal for background story, instructions, and important plot elements as the game progresses.

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The narrative work that we have produced comes from the idea of marrying real life photographs with the point and click puzzle adventure games such as Myst. Much like Myst, the player must navigate through a world and find items and clues in order to progress the story line. However, because of our intentions for remixing the genre, our game has very different goals and it challenges what the point and click adventure is capable of by reflecting on the transparency of the user-to-medium interaction. This was a group project with Ryan Oliveria, and Andrew Matteson.


Designer: I drew out the step-by-step interaction for the game, creating multiple plot lines and endings. I wrote all the journal entries and mapped them to events and items in the game. I developed the story and helped refine the original concept for the game.
Photographer: I scouted locations and took photographs for the scenes in the game, making sure the real-life images correctly mapped to the narrative requirements of the game.