Chris Sumsky

Diptongo: The Infamous Ranger

Using the C language and the GameBoy Advance Virtual HAM IDE, I designed and wrote a GameBoy Advance game. This required including bitmapped images and screens, tiled backgrounds, collision maps, sprites and sprite animations, sound, button input, and text. Below you can see screenshots of the game, a video clip of gameplay, and background images of the maps, collision maps, and sprite sheets.


This was a solo project for a class. I did everything myself, from programming to design to art. I created two maps for the game using assets from Zelda: A Link to the Past, but the architecture and design of the levels are all original. The collision map includes different colors to differentiate between design elements: black is the collidible area the sprite cannot enter, red is a sign that the sprite can read and collide with, and blue is a portal that moves the sprites location upon collision.