Chris Sumsky


Fulfill is simple story of how two people find joy in the mundane repitition of life. Fulfill was a project for DESN 386: Audio and Visual Space at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand. The original screening was presented on two simultaneously running 4:3 projectors and wall-sized screens. The version presented here has both 4:3 videos composited together into one widescreen image.


This was a solo project for a class. Conceptualization, storyboarding, set construction, art direction, filming, editing, and compositing were all done by me. I wanted to convey a dull atmosphere with a brown color pallet, so I created everything out of cardboard. I built a 3x4 foot cardboard city on my kitchen table for the establishing shot in the beginning and a life-size cardboard set for the rest of the film. The actors are Carolyn Stewart and Markus Ruehl.