Chris Sumsky

A collection of my old projects. Check out for a more up-to-date accounting of my professional work.

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Featured Project: Growums Academy

Game Design and Development

A bunch of old games, mostly from my school days. Please click on a game for more information about it.


My friends and I used to love making movies. Over the years we submitted to four student festivals, had been selected for screening three times, and recieved one award. Click on the images for more information.

Pursuit of Friday Productions

Solo Projects

Freelance Work

Art & Animation

I dabbled in some 3D modeling and special effects while in school, using Maya, 3ds Max, and Adobe After Effects. Rummage around the Videos section for other video compositing work on separate films.

3D Modeling and Animation

Special Effects and Compositing


During my time at Georgia Tech I was a part of many projects and research groups. Below are some of the more interesting projects that came out of it.

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